Sunday, December 22, 2013

False Starting...

Well, so far I'm not doing as well as I wanted to.  I kept a food journal for exactly two days.  Then, I forgot. So I'm starting over. Hopefully this time I make it more than 2 days. Or at least don't miss more than a day or two...

I have been working to set up a monthly menu. It's harder than I thought!  I think I may have to schedule in a few "empty" days for new recipes or things I want to try, or days we don't eat here or days we just don't feel like eating...  But that makes things more difficult.  I'm getting it done though. I suppose that's what counts.

Now, for the financial journal. I got as far as buying the notebook. It's proving to be harder than I thought it would be. I have no idea where Jay spends his money. And with it being just pre-holidays spending is a little more extravagant than normal. BUT I have created a small savings plan and I have started putting cash away each week. Of course I doubt I'll ever really save to much towards the big goals, but it may help towards the smaller ones. If nothing else, this time next year I won't need to worry about where the money for gifts is coming from. Or hell, maybe I'll use it for that new wardrobe I've been needing - and will be needing after I loose all this weight from eating healthy! YEA!

I still need to buy a bathroom scale! Maybe I'll add that to today's list. I honestly have no idea what I weigh, which I guess is an important piece of information when you're trying to get healthy.

I need to start getting that workout in too! It seems like such a little thing - 30mins a day. But I just can't ever seem to get it done. I guess that's because I hate doing it. I have this one workout DVD and the woman says "No one has ever worked out and then wished later that they didn't." Seriously? I wish that EVERY TIME I workout. I hate it! It's hot and sweaty and gross... And then I'm in pain after. The last thing I want is more pain. But I know I need to fit it in...  So I suppose I should get on it!

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