Friday, March 28, 2014

Daily Journal 3/29

DREAM JOURNAL: I had the worst nightmares last night.

First I dreamed that we were all swiming in the ocean together and the tide washed us out.  Then I realized there were sharks all around us and Jay & I had to try to get the kids out of the water before we were all eaten.

My second nightmare was just horrid!  I dreamed that I heard all these noises in the basement, but I knew Scott wasn't here. So I went down stairs to see what was going on. I heard noises in the back room, so I grabbed a sickle to protect myself and went back to see who was in my house - when Jay jumped out and scared me shit-less...  After he went upstairs Dink came in and told me she had to go to the pharmacy to pick up her medication.  Which was strange since it was so late.  I went back upstairs and realized it was nearly 9pm (which is strange because I somehow know it was noon when I went down to the basement). Jay and I talked about how late it was.  For some reason Madeline and I went out front and started to walk up the street. The moon was HUGE and beautiful.  I remember thinking it must be the "Black Moon."  So we went back to the house so I could get the camera. I needed to get photos of this big beautiful moon.  When I went back outside I started taking photos of this moon. It was strange at this point. It was huge, and looked so close that I could clearly see the craters, and it was kinda black with a red tinge around the rim.  As I took photos I realized there was a second moon, a normal looking one way up in the eastern sky where it should be.  Moments later I saw what I thought was a "shooting star" but it turned out to be a giant flaming missile in the shape of a cockroach. Then I realized they were coming out of this huge black "moon" and hitting the houses all around me.  I ran back to the house just in time for one to hit the back corner of my house where my bedroom is.  All the kids were jumping on my bed when it hit and Alex was hurt. We pulled the kids out of the rubble and in to the kitchen. Then the lights went out.  Dink (who was inexplicably here again) said we have to get the kids packed up and go to her house. The lights started coming on, then going out - we lost all control of them as we started throwing clothes in bags trying to make sure we had everything. We didn't know if we would ever come back here.  We emptied out the boy's book bags so we could use them to pack their clothing. Hunter was really upset because I didn't make a big deal out of his A+ on a test that had been in his bag.  So I was trying to explain to him that the world as we knew it was over and chances are he wasn't going back to school. Then as we were packing up Alex's PJ's and make sure that we had warm ones so that he wouldn't be cold if we had to sleep outside, we were trying to tell the kids that we were going to do our best to keep them safe.  Finally my conscious brain became aware and I realized I was dreaming, so I woke up.  At which point I just gave up sleeping and got out of bed.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daily Journal 3/27

I've really been slacking on keeping up with this.  So I've decided since I encourage others to journal their way to health (and I do keep an offline journal) that it's time to start keeping an online journal.  I'm hoping this will help me to stay on track, but I'm also hoping it will help others to get there.

I still haven't bought myself a scale, I know I need to, but I just can't seem to bite the bullet.

I was on a scale about a month ago and it read 242lbs.  Which when you think the time before that I was at 265lbs, I suppose that's not a bad thing. But it leaves a lot of room for improvement!

I've started Oil Pulling every morning and I'm already seeing a decent improvement in my dental health.  I haven't had bloody gums in a week now.  So YEA!

I completely lost track of my cycle and forgot to write down when it started this month, but I am fairly sure I'm right around day 11 or so.  I've been to exhausted to be interested in anything but sleep though.

The weather has been insane and I'm really feeling it.  It's really cold STILL, and it snowed yesterday.  So my hands are really sore and my joints feel achy and tired.  My back is hurting the worst.

DIET - What I ate today:

Breakfast: Juice (2 apples, 3 stalks of celery, 5 carrots, 1sm zucchini) & tea no honey
Lunch:  Smoothie (2 bananas, 2T Choc. PB, 2T Milk)
Dinner:  Beets, Dinner Salad, Ranch Pasta Salad, Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwich
Snack:  None
Glasses of Water: --

I actually got in a full half hour run on my gazelle.  But I couldn't handle any more than that. I actually fell asleep while on the gazelle - unsure as to how that happens, but it did.