Monday, December 9, 2013

Starting My Journey - Goals

I define myself in a great many ways. But I don't ever feel as if any of those definitions truly fit me well. I am a Mother, but I not the mother I want to be. I am a Woman, but I look in the mirror and don't love what I see. I'm a Pagan Witch, but I have gotten side tracked from my path. And quite frankly, I could go on like this forever. So I have decided it's time for some changes! I'm hoping that creating a place where I can share this journey to finding me will help me to focus on that journey, as well as the destination.

So what are my goals? What do I want to be? Who do I want to be? I suppose I should really define those things which I hope to get here.  So here goes...

I sat down with a pen & paper and made a list of all my goals. Some may seem simple, others may seem like they need a 10 year plan, but they are all goals which I hope to fulfill over this journey.

Personal -
  1. 75% Vegetarian Diet
  2. Daily Workouts
  3. Daily Meditation & Energy Work
  4. Daily Devotional Ritual
  5. Lose Weight - Goal 155-165lbs
  6. Learn to Kickbox
  7. Learn Tai-Chi
  8. Learn Yoga
  9. Earn a Ph.D. in Holistic Health & Wellness
  10. Earn Degrees in Comparative Religion 
  11. Earn Degree in Immunology
  12. Learn Middle English
  13. Learn Latin
  14. "Master" Craft

Household -
  1. Make a Meal Plan
  2. "Perfect" and Use Household Notebook
  3. Fully Clean & Organize House, Cupboards & Closets
  4. Compost & Recycle Everything Possible
  5. Grow & Preserve Our Fruits & Veggies 
  6. Create a Diet that's 75% Fruit & Veggie
  7. Plastic Free
  8. Teflon Free
  9. Chemical Free
  10. GMO & Chemical Free Diet
  12. No Pre-Packaged Food - All From Scratch

Business -
  1. Open Etsy Shop - DONE!!
  2. Build Website
  3. Become Yearly Vendor at Local Vendor Shows
    - Renaissance Festival
    - Pagan Pride Day
  4. Open Local Storefront
  5. Teach In-store "Classes"
    - Natural Living
    - Holistic Parenting
    - Holistic Health 101
    - Growing & Using Herbs
    - Religious Tolerance
  6. Publish Books
    - Sabbat Celebration
    - Year & a Day Course
    - Daily Witchery
    - Herbs & Oils
    - Healthy Living Cookbooks
    - Vax Free Health & Children
  7. Create & Market Wholesale Lines to Major Metaphysical & Holistic Retailers
    - Jewelry
    - Cosmetics
    - Cleaners
  8. Earn an income of $5000/mo or more

Financial -

  1. Pay off ALL debt.
  2. Buy a House
  3. Buy Burial Plots
  4. Get Life Insurance ($750K for Jay, $150K for Me)
  5. Vow Renewal Service & Reception (Dream Wedding)
  6. College Funds for All Kids

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