Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Update 7/2/14

I created a "daily docket" of sorts that allows me to track my "to-do" list, but it also serves as my workout and diet journal. I've been using them for 10 days, and over all I feel they've been working out well. I also started tacking my weight and measurements on a 6wk tracker.  So far I'm a week in and I haven't seen any changes in my weight or measurements.  I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong. I've been working out every day, usually around an hour, and I'm eating mostly fruits and veggies.  I've cut down intake of bread, meat, dairy and other "junk" in favor of plant based foods. But for some reason I'm not seeing any changes yet. I guess I just need to keep it up. Each week I do a little better, so I'll get there eventually.

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